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The threat’s not real, but the cards are!


Mafia Greeting Cards are the newest, boldest greeting cards on the market today.

It is universally recognized that the public is infatuated by gangsters, their stories, and their lives.  Look what the Sopranos spawned: an entirely new industry!

Gangster Movies have traditionally been some of the highest grossing films of all times.  ‘The Godfather,” “Goodfellas,”“ Scarface” “The Departed,” “Casino.”

Mafia Greeting Cards exemplify the zany side of “Wise Guy” humor.

Your customers will get caught up in the irreverent humor of Mafia Greeting Cards.  There is absolutely nothing like this on the market!  People will not throw these cards away.  They will become collector pieces. 

Every one of the cards depicts a crime that actually took place or a story told by one of the Wise Guys.

Here’s the Link:

Have a look.  You’ve never seen anything like this before!

Retail cost per card: $2.95. 

Enter this code (MGCHP) when prompted to receive a 50% discount.  You will see your total cost including shipping before you commit to payment.